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The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut established the Neighbors for Neighbors Fund in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The Fund is jointly administered with the United Ways of Southeastern Connecticut and Central and Northeastern Connecticut to address critical gaps in services during this time.

The Fund is designed to be flexible and nimble in supporting the work of nonprofits and others in meeting the basic needs of residents of Eastern Connecticut. It complements federal, state, and municipal government relief efforts to identify and fill gaps, and to expand local capacity to address all aspects of the outbreak as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The Fund’s resources are going to organizations providing direct assistance to high need, vulnerable populations -- including low-income individuals, residents without health insurance and/or access to sick days, communities of color, and individuals with disabilities, among others -- to address immediate basic needs such as healthcare, food, shelter, childcare and other supports to ensure stability and well-being.

This application is considered separate from any other grant application submitted to any of the three above-named granting organizations. No information provided in this request will influence any additional funding decisions we may be considering from your organization this year. If you received funding from any of our Neighbors for Neighbors Fund grant cycles, you will not be excluded from applying for future grants from this fund.

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This Neighbors for Neighbors Fund will not make grants directly to individuals.

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Applications are currently closed.

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