The Community Foundation is here to bring people together to work towards a healthy, thriving, sustainable Eastern Connecticut. We do this by putting philanthropy into action to address the needs, rights and interests of our region, while fulfilling the passions of our donors.

The late Connie Pike sits with children at Old Lyme Children's Center.

About Community Foundations

First and foremost, a community foundation is a foundation. Like most foundations, community foundations are primarily funders. Rather than offer direct services to the public, foundations provide funding to community-based organizations that provide specialized services to residents.

Community foundations accomplish their work through charitable funds, each of which has its own founder, donation history, investment strategy, and charitable purpose. While accounted for separately, the funds are pooled together for investment purposes.

Community foundations can support their communities in several different ways, including:

A Foundation of Caring

The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut is one of 900-plus community foundations across the nation: tax-exempt, nonprofit, public charities devoted to improving the quality of life in the communities they serve. Individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits create permanent funds that promote the well-being of their region. Community foundations invest and administer these funds, which annually make distributions in the form of grants and scholarships. Community Foundation FAQs

Founded in 1983, the Community Foundation serves as the hub for meaningful philanthropy for 42 communities (1,402 square miles) in the eastern third of our state, with a total population of approximately 450,000 residents.

We manage over 600 funds that were created by generous people who care deeply about their communities. Together, these funds entrusted to us total over $120 million in assets and provide over $8 million each year in grants and scholarships in Eastern Connecticut and beyond. The Community Foundation has awarded over $100 million in grants and scholarships to nonprofits and students since its founding in 1983.

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Experience & Expertise

We are uniquely positioned to serve as a trusted philanthropic leader based on our in-depth knowledge of the region's needs. We have over four decades of hands-on experience and longstanding relationships with the nonprofit agencies, civic officials and other experts working on the front lines of our communities every day. Our strategic priorities, which reflect the interests of our donors, currently include empowering youth, promoting basic needs and rights, preserving the environment and advancing animal welfare.

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Financial Integrity

Our foundation operates in full compliance with the rigorous financial standards set by the nationally recognized Council on Foundations, assuring that we meet the highest philanthropic standards for financial integrity and accountability.

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