We currently steward over 600 permanent and "pass through" charitable funds on behalf of area donors, totaling over $120 million in assets.

"We are so pleased that our fund at the Community Foundation is under the care of a committee of local citizens, who are knowledgeable about investments, and who appoint and monitor experienced professional managers. We are confident our fund will continue to grow and benefit the community well into the future. It's in good hands."

- Isabelle and Jim English*

Our Commitment

We take our obligations to our donors, nonprofit partners, scholarship seekers and the general public very seriously. We are committed to carefully managing our donors’ charitable funds so that our donors' vision of making a difference is realized by getting as many grant and scholarship dollars out there as possible and sustaining the funds in perpetuity, if that was the donor's intent. We operate in an open, transparent manner that welcomes scrutiny.

In short, we take great care.

* Isabelle and Jim English both passed away in 2020.