Join dozens of other area donors in our Legacy Society by establishing a charitable fund as part of your estate planning.

The Matthew and Denise Shafner Fund

Attorney Matthew Shafner spent much of his 56-year legal career improving the lives of residents of Eastern Connecticut. He passed away in 2015 and the next year, his widow, Denise, decided to honor his life and create a legacy by establishing the Matthew and Denise Shafner Fund. A reflection of their shared and abiding interest in giving back and helping others, the fund is focused on promoting education, health, music and environmental preservation.

In addition to future unrestricted gifts, many donors like to create funds now that they will contribute to later through their estate plan.

Future Funds give donors the opportunity to provide for their community after first providing for their loved ones; and offer a lasting testament to their personal values and charitable passions.

There are many planned-giving options to aid you in remembering the communities and causes that are important to you. The same assets you can use to create an immediate fund can be used to create a future one.

We recommend you consult with your professional advisor on Future Funds to determine which of your assets are best given to charity and which are best given to heirs; as well as which fund type best meets your personal financial needs. Read more about Gifts We Accept and Types of Funds.

Depending on how they are funded and structured, some Future Funds can provide you (or another individual you designate) with lifelong income, and valuable tax advantages when your estate is settled. Some can even provide immediate tax benefits and tax-free income.

Donors who establish Future Funds with us are invited to join our Legacy Society, a select group of area donors who have informed us of their plans to leave a legacy to the community through our foundation.

We stand ready to walk you through the choices and help identify the best options for you. We would be happy to answer your questions or set up a meeting to discuss a gift. Contact Lauren C. Parda, Senior Development Officer.