Since 1983, the Community Foundation has awarded $9.8 million in scholarships from well over 100 funds established by generous individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits to help area students pursue an education and establish rewarding careers.

Some scholarships are open to all students in our 42-town service area as well as some towns in western Rhode Island; others are open to only some towns, a particular town, or a specific school. Some are open to current or returning college students of any age, but most are for graduating high school seniors. Scholarships range from a one-time award of $500 to a multi-year award of up to $5,000 a year. In 2022, $1,036,680 was awarded to 323 students.

2022 Scholarship Recipient List

How Our Scholarships Program Works

Applications for the 2022-2023 academic year are currently closed.

Students can apply for most scholarships through one general application. A few scholarships have very specific eligibility criteria and separate applications. Foundation staff and volunteer committees review and assess the applications, matching scholarships to recipients based on how well they meet the criteria of the scholarship. We are placing a priority emphasis on helping lower income, "first in their families to go to college" students access post-secondary educational opportunities.

Please take the time to review the list of available scholarships to get an idea of what information will strengthen your application in terms of selection criteria for each scholarship.

Note about Graduate Students: Very few CFECT scholarships are open to graduate students. Each scholarship has its own geographic and academic eligibility criteria. We strongly recommend that prospective applicants review the list of scholarship opportunities carefully before beginning an application.

All applications will have the same due date this yearMarch 15th by 5 pm.

All applicants are informed whether they have been selected to receive a scholarship by the end of June. Some scholarships are multi-year awards, but most are one-year, one-time awards. Single-year recipients have to reapply for a scholarship each year. Scholarship awards are sent directly to the recipient’s educational institution, not to the recipient.

Most Scholarships are Based on Geography

The following links list scholarships by geographic region: