We are home to over 600 charitable funds created by generous area individuals, families, businesses and civic organizations who care passionately about Eastern Connecticut.

We are Here To Serve You

If you’re considering establishing a long-term charitable fund to benefit the residents of Eastern Connecticut in perpetuity, we welcome your involvement and celebrate and commend your generosity. We are here at the ready to assist you.

Questions To Consider

Here are the initial questions we recommend new donors consider when they begin to contemplate their charitable giving.

We like to ask, “What would you like to do for our community and how can we help you do it?” Think about your charitable passions and how you would like to turn your dreams into realities. We specialize in helping our donors create charitable funds that make a meaningful impact on the issues and communities they care about. We work closely with our donors to help you learn more about the causes you care about and achieve your philanthropic goals. Read more about Our Work, Our Priorities and Our Communities

Would you like to start giving immediately, would you prefer to make a future donation through your estate, or would you like to do both? There are many options open to you. We specialize in helping our donors develop charitable funds customized to their financial needs, abilities and preferences. Read more about the different Types of Funds that are available and how to Give to an Existing Fund or Give Later: Leave a Legacy

Endowed funds enable you to make grants in perpetuity, ensuring your generosity endures for generations to come. They’re, by definition, permanent. Our Board of Trustees, Investment Committee and professional investment managers manage our strategic investments of endowed funds to ensure we maximize the financial returns on our donors’ funds and are able to issue as many charitable grants and scholarships from those funds as possible every year. Non-endowed funds – or “pass-through funds” – are not permanent. We ensure these funds always remain liquid and accessible so that they can be distributed upon our donors’ request. Read more about Our Financial Accountability and Our Investment Strategies

We can help you establish a fund that addresses one specific philanthropic interest of yours or multiple areas of interest. Whatever your preference, we’ll connect you to the most effective nonprofits working on the issues you’re most passionate about. Read more about Types of Funds and Why Donors Choose Us

Some donors wish to establish funds in honor of a cherished family member or friend, or in recognition of someone’s birthday, anniversary, wedding or other milestone; others prefer to donate in anonymity. We will work with you to ensure the level of public visibility you desire. Read more about Why Donors Choose Us

We are able to accept a wide variety of charitable gifts – from cash and stocks, to retirement plan assets and life insurance benefits. Read more about Gifts We Accept

There’s a variety to choose from – each of which offers specific advantages and benefits. We would love the opportunity to walk you through the choices and help identify the best options for you. Read more about Types of Funds

We would be honored to work with you to improve the quality of life in Eastern Connecticut. We welcome the participation of your family members and professional advisors.

We are committed to maximizing our donors’ investments so their funds can issue as many grants as possible every year to benefit our community.

While there are no fees involved in setting up a charitable fund at our foundation, there are some small fees associated with its ongoing administration.

Read more about our fees