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The Community Foundation, along with a dedicated group of advocates, has created a unified platform to End Child Poverty Now in Connecticut. We know that by being united behind a common vision, we will be more effective in addressing issues that contribute to child poverty and create long-term solutions.

Our collaborative envisions a thriving and economically robust Connecticut, where no child experiences the debilitating effects of poverty. We believe that every child deserves access to basic necessities, quality education, and a nurturing environment that fosters their physical, emotional, and intellectual growth.

Join us to hear from legislators and advocates about the accomplishments of the recent legislative session and how we can address the root causes of child poverty, including income inequality, access to healthcare, safe and affordable homes, and quality education.


Kathleen McCarty
Connecticut State Representative

Anthony Nolan
Connecticut State Representative

Cathy Osten
Connecticut State Senator

Emily Byrne

Connecticut Voices for Children

Merrill Gay
Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance

Sean Ghio

Partnership for Strong Communities

Conversation Facilitator

Janée Woods Weber

She Leads Justice

RSVP by May 8