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5 Tools to Build Your Leadership Resilience to Live in the NOW!

Consider that every challenge we face, as nonprofit leaders, can be actively converted into a gift or opportunity for greater benefits to us, our teams, and our organizations. For this to be possible, we must build our individual mental fitness. Mental fitness leads to greater resilience and that allows us to learn new ways of tapping into our innate personal power to actively convert the “bad” and reduce the potential negative impacts. As nonprofit leaders we have a responsibility to ourselves and to our teams to explore the type of energy that we each are bringing to our environments and commit to shifting from a negative mindset to a more positive mindset by building our own mental fitness each and every day.

This session will introduce you to the Positive Intelligence framework, based on the NY Times Best Selling Book by Shirzad Chamine, as well as introduce you to the idea of Mental Fitness to strengthen your resilience in your leadership. This webinar will provide you 5 Powerful Tools to move forward with a more positive mindset. You will leave feeling empowered and confident in your ability to navigate post pandemic, aligning yourself AND your mission with what you truly value and remaining present in the now!

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About the Trainer

Kristen Lessig-Schenerlein of Koi Coaching & Consulting is an Internationally Certified Leadership and Positive Intelligence Coach, as well as Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor with additional training in Energy Medicine. As the founder of a nonprofit who served as an Executive Director with nearly two decades of building, growing, and turning around nonprofits, Kristen continues to be the change she wishes to see in the world. Her passion today is in guiding powerful, mission-driven leaders and teams through the innerwork of linking their power with their passions. Her commitment is steadfast to supporting others in navigating their own growth journeys, major transitions, and ultimate personal and professional transformations utilizing mental fitness training methods. She encourages everyone she works with to be mindful, to be empowered, and to grow, while creating an environment tailored to each individual's needs on the path to their greatest success and happiness. Kristen believes in the power of both mental fitness and physical fitness, as well as the powerful interplay necessary for us to reach our full potential in work and life. She now serves on the board of the Women’s Sports Museum whose mission is to inspire young women through sports. We all HAVE A CHOICE in how we face our unique challenges - EACH and EVERY day, shifting from a negative to a positive mindset is within reach for us all and can help in healing ourselves, as well as our entire world.