Published by Candid.

The Center for Housing Equity & Opportunity has announced that it will launch a new center in eastern Connecticut in mid-March. Backed by seven nonprofit organizations brought together by the New London-based Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, the center will work with housing practitioners, residents, municipalities, and policy makers to develop a regional housing affordability strategy. The center aims to align, grow, and deliver critical resources, including dedicated staff, regional data capacity, and technical assistance to support the preservation, production, and protection of housing affordability. To that end, it will convene thought leaders in the region around housing challenges and solutions; provide capacity for regional research, data collection, and analysis; connect a diverse coalition of partner organizations to help reduce the number of cost-burdened households; participate in advocacy efforts at the local, regional, and state levels; build power among and elevate the voices of the most impacted by the region’s housing challenges; and support municipalities and councils of government in the implementation of newly adopted town housing plans.