CT Mirror Launches Six-Part Series

The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut partnered with five other community foundations to support a six-part series by the CT Mirror that looks at the state fiscal crisis and its impacts. The first two installments launched in May 2018.

The first article provided an overview of wealth and income inequality in Connecticut and its impact on a state struggling to cope with massive debt. The second article examines vast disparities in municipal spending and the resources available to Connecticut’s poorest cities and most affluent towns.

The series will also feature articles later in the summer and early fall:

  • How wealth and income inequality galvanize the racial divide in Connecticut
  • The struggles of Connecticut’s poor and middle-income families to preserve access to quality education, health care and social services
  • The debate over raising tax rates on rich households and major corporations amid fears of an accelerating wealth exodus from Connecticut
  • The competing theories of how the state should resolve massive public-sector pension obligations and other debts

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