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Letter to the Editor

December 11, 2023

We applaud Groton's recent initiative to establish an affordable housing fund and commend them for setting a proactive example for other towns. This action underscores Groton’s commitment to ensuring housing access for all its residents. Groton's fund signifies fairness and is essential in providing safe, affordable housing — a fundamental pillar for community strength and well-being. Groton's initiative demonstrates commitment to meeting housing needs, enhancing lives and fortifying community bonds. Affordable housing is not just about shelter; it's the crucial foundation for stable communities and thriving neighborhoods. Kudos to Groton's officials, community leaders and advocates.

The Center for Housing Equity & Opportunity in Eastern Connecticut stands ready to work with towns to implement similar affordable housing initiatives. Continued collaboration among sectors and communities is vital in developing sustainable strategies to expand affordable housing opportunities across Eastern Connecticut. By working together and amplifying municipal efforts, we can drive positive change and ensure equitable housing access for all.

Maryam Elahi, President/CEO, Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut
Beth Sabilia, Director, Center for Housing Equity & Opportunities, Eastern CT

New London