Published in The Day

By Karen Florin

The work of The Day’s Housing Solutions Lab is made possible by the following major donors: Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, Melville Charitable Trust, Chelsea Groton Foundation, William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund.

We also received generous gifts of $5,000 from Neal Bobruff and Jane Lassen Bobruff of Stonington, Kenneth Sigel and Sarah Kelly of Mystic, John Oliva and Nancy Krant of New London and an anonymous donor.

The following community members supported our effort by donating on line to The Day’s Community Journalism Fund.

Patricia Storace, Robert Florin, Amy Domeika, Kathryn Baker, Keith Fontaine, Mary Lenzini, Ellin Grenger, Cathy Zall, Carol McCarthy, Pamela Tankard, Tamim Braish, Carolyn S. Hosley, William Pryor, Stephen Flynn, Barbara Nagy, Edward Thaxter, Jack Collins, Don Raffo and Ann Baldelli, Frank Fraser.

Tom and Nancy, Bill Johnson, Karli Spinella, William Hennessey, Mark and Kim Henion, Freehold Real Estate, Gart Gula, Stevenson Carlebach, Lin in Pawcatuck, Kathy & Ted Parker, Carol Ellis, Donna Butler, Stephen Putnam, Paige Smith, Jim and KT Hunter, Lynne DeLucia, Carole Shores, Rosanne and Michael Smyle, Steve and Susie Forbes, Bill and Mari-Louise, Anthony Scarpa, Laurie Deredita.

Jonathan Lincoln, Leeland Cole-Chu, Mary White, Karen and John Foley, Jane B. Allen, Andrea Fenton, Jane Clukay, Karen Keser, Mary McGinley, Judith Booth, Anette Young, Edward Havrilla, Rebecca Nortz, Lucy Shanker, Steve and Jeanne Sigel, Julia, Marc Forster, Jean Jerbert, Paul & Kathy Choiniere, Raymond Hall.

Philippe Pavillard, Nancy O’Sullivan, Robert Silverstein,, Karen Duhamel, Rita Volkmann, Tracee Reiser, Deborah Kirby, John Bitters, Eric Karle, Bryon Sanders, Elizabeth Bolt, Cheryl Camacho, John FitzGerald, Dave Lehnen, Lynne Miner, Steve Fagin, Alex, Carol Croteau, Frida Berrigan.

Holly Camerota, Milton Moore, Dave and Sara Holdridge, Abbie Ruzicka, Hugh Barton, Stephen Nye, Ann Outka, Kathryn, Leslie, Eugenia West, John Helming, Gilbert Bowman, Frank Halloran, Michael Lopez.

We’re grateful for every donation, and for the encouraging messages that accompanied them.