Helping neighbors in need.

Lynn with her father, Albert "Buttsie" Roberge.

Lynn Malerba, the first woman to be appointed Lifetime Chief of the Mohegan Tribe by the Tribe’s Council of Elders, learned early in life that it is important to give of yourself to help others and support your community. Lynn says she grew up in a loving and happy family, but recalls her parents struggling at times to make ends meet for their family of nine. Despite their limited resources, Lynn shared that her parents still found a way to give to others. “My father was heartbroken when he saw families at the food shelter. He cared deeply about supporting people and programs that help to provide for basic needs.”

To honor her parents, Lynn set up a donor advised fund at the Community Foundation. “I couldn’t think of a better way to honor my parents who did so much for so many,” explained Lynn. Through the Albert “Buttsie” and Loretta Roberge Fund, Lynn and her husband Paul will focus on food security, housing and transportation to help local individuals and families. According to Lynn, “Our donor advised fund will be a great way for our family and others to join together in doing good. We know that with the Community Foundation as a steady and trusted partner, we’ll be able to make a difference now and into future generations.”